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1st Sunday of Lent: Focus on Pre-Sanctified Liturgy1998-03-08LISTEN
2nd Sunday of Lent: Hymns for Holy Week1999-03-07LISTEN
2nd Sunday of Lent: St. Gregory Palamas1998-03-15LISTEN
3rd Sunday of Pascha1999-04-25LISTEN
3rd Sunday of Pascha2000-05-14LISTEN
4th Sunday of Pascha2000-05-21LISTEN
5th Sunday of Pascha1999-05-09LISTEN
5th Sunday of Pascha2000-05-28LISTEN
6th Sunday of Pascha2000-06-04LISTEN
6th Sunday of Pascha1999-05-16LISTEN
Akathist Hymn to the Mother of God2001-04-01LISTEN
Alexander Gretchaninoff: Holy Week2001-04-08LISTEN
All Saints of Russia and America1998-06-21LISTEN
Cheese Fare Sunday2000-03-12LISTEN
Cheesefare Sunday: Forgiveness Sunday/Great Kanon of St. Andrew1998-03-01LISTEN
Fifth Sunday of Pascha:1998-05-17LISTEN
Fourth Sunday of Lent: St. John of the Ladder and Hymns of Holy Thursday1999-03-21LISTEN
Great Canon of St. Andrew of Crete2000-03-19LISTEN
Lenten Hymns: Let my prayer arise2001-03-11LISTEN
Meatfare Sunday: The Last Judgment1998-02-22LISTEN
Pentecost Sunday1998-06-07LISTEN
Pre-Lent:Publican & Pharisee2000-02-13LISTEN
Sixth Sunday of Pascha:1998-05-24LISTEN
Sunday of the Prodigal Son1998-02-15LISTEN
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